How Star Micronics Transforms the Point of Sale Terminal Device Choice

Read this article and discover how Star Micronics manages to transform the POS terminal device choice with automatically iPad receipt printing via iPad, iPod, and iPhone Lightning Cable

Worldwide POS printer maker Star Micronics declares the dispatch of its new and novel TSP143IIIU printer – the main receipt printer solution today. The reason why this printer became so popular is that it allows you to communicate and charge instantly and directly with an iPad or iPhone, evacuating the uncertainty of wireless Internet connection.

Star Micronics has dependably driven where others have taken after with regards to mobile tablet POS, spearheading change inside the POS printing industry by collaborating with without a doubt the biggest selection of tablet Point of Sale software integrators and houses today. Perceiving the particular move towards Apple iOS POS solutions as of late inside hospitality and retail, Star Micronics has reacted by giving an answer that consistently joins the adaptability and cost investment funds of tablet Point of Sale software with the unwavering quality of conventional POS.

Dealing with numerous tablets and combined Bluetooth gadgets implies that it can be operationally hard to keep up the correct association between the correct peripherals and gadgets. The new TSP143IIIU changes this. And also working with a conventional POS terminal or software, this printer can interface specifically to an iPad or iPhone utilizing the Apple provided lightning link for dependable USB correspondence instead of past iOS wireless-only technologies. Thus, the standard Bluetooth or Wi-Fi/wired LAN set-up issues that are related to network infrastructure, pairing, connectivity, and more are disposed of from an equipment point of view. No other stand-alone Point of Sale printer can accomplish this.

One of the greatest things about this printer is its simplicity. The iPad or iPhone can talk specifically to the printer similarly as a USB printer converses with a customary terminal. This exceptional printer will now permit multisite operators and administrators to settle on cover choices over their domains by giving the dependability required in high volume exchanges and situations where wireless communication is troublesome. In the meantime, free operators and administrators can now profit by the adaptability and lower working expenses related with tablet POS in the information that connection will be kept up under all circumstances. For instance, platforms such as Shopify offer these services and known to be reliable.

Star’s prosperity with the expansive number of ISVs has been accomplished by means of its tender loving care in regards to SDKs and documentation empowering simple and easy integration. Micronics’s experience is that numerous product solutions as of now work with the TSP143IIIU while others can easily integrate and coordinate with the new SDK, realizing that it covers all products in the prestigious TSP100 territory. The TSP100 Series will remain the vital tablet Point of Sale printer series of decision because of its huge availability models such as WLAN and Bluetooth, while the TSP143IIIU specifically is the main USB printer available today that can communicate and integrate straightforwardly with Apple gadgets.

Simon Martin, the director and the general manager of Star Micronics EMEA stated that the TSP143IIIU from Star Micronics is definitely a game changer and a revolutionary product for hospitality and retail. By transforming the Point of Sale terminal device choice, Micronics is leading the industry in enabling restaurateurs and retailers of all sizes and kinds to take a full advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of the tablet POS systems, alongside the accuracy of the traditional Point of Sale software.

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